5 things to buy on Amazon to save money.

5 Cleaning Products You Should Be Buying From Amazon To Save Money


I love finding ways to save money. It’s even better when your saving money, and your purchase is being delivered to your door, saving you money, time & fuel!!

Cleaning products can become expensive when buying off the shelf in supermarkets. Check out these 5 must have cleaning products at bargain prices.


Magic Erasers 

White Magic CleaningThese have multiple uses. These are just a household staple in my home. I love them. From wiping off marks on walls, to cleaning my leather lounge, they do it all. In the supermarkets you can expect to pay anywhere from $4 per 1 sponge, but here I have an absolute bargain for you!

50 sponges for $14



Microfibre Cloth’s

Microfibre Blue ClothsIf you haven’t used microfibre cloth’s for cleaning, you are missing out. Use them dry to collect dust, use them with your surface cleaner to wipe to a streak free finish. These are a wonderful product to have in your cleaning supply stash. Simply throw them in the washing machine and re-use.

Grab a 10 pack for $6

Spin Mop

Spin MopUsing a spin mop, makes the task of mopping your floors so much easier and quicker. With a 360-degree rotating microfiber mop head, it can reach every corner of your floor, which is suitable for all types of surfaces you need to clean and polish,no lint,no shock and no damage to floors.

Grab the mop, bucket & 2 mop heads here.



Bissell Spotclean

Bissell Spotclean - PurpleThis is one item you should have in your home, if you have small children or pets. It’s amazing!! Instead of needing to call in a professional carpet or upholstery cleaner, just bring out your Bissell Spotclean, and clean it yourself. It cost $199, which in some cases would be less than hiring a professional.

Check out the purple Bissell Spotclean here.





I know, not a cleaning product, but once you have it on, your home will just smell amazing!!! Check out the huge range available. So many options.

Pick a diffuser here.










5 things to buy on Amazon to save money Clean Home Challenge

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