7 Ways to Declutter Your Home


Are you tired of seeing your home in a mess and getting overwhelmed thinking how are you going to live in such a crowded place?

Because when your home, your resting place, the place where you can calm down looks like a mess, it makes one feel pressure and discomfort.

Honestly, trying to declutter is a daunting and overwhelming task.

Especially when you have no plan of attack on how you’re going to clean up the mess.

This article will help you create the right plan for decluttering your home and also arm you with the tools you will need.

That way you’ll no longer be overwhelmed and know how to tackle any problems.

How to Declutter your Home

1. It all begins with the Entrance

The entrance is the first place where guests enter. And if you can utilize that area in an efficient way, you can save yourself a lot of time and overwhelm.

Create a wood cabinet near the entryway where you keep all your footwears.

From your shoes to floaters as well as the footwears of your guests.

All of that should be kept inside this cabinet.

Because a lot of times our footwears create a lot of mess when they are littered across the house.

But after doing this you can really clean up a lot of space.

2. Working the Kitchen

The best way to declutter a kitchen is to categorize it into 4 categories.

Food, Storage, Cleaning and Food preparations.

Now all the items of the kitchen should be kept according to their categories.

Begin with the small appliances.

There are a lot of little tools and appliances in the kitchen that can create a big clutter.

Have a kitchen cabinet dedicated to keeping small appliances only.

Anything from a knife to a spoon should be kept in that cabinet only.

That way you’ll also remember from which place to the appliances when you need them.

Then after that in the same way have another cabinet especially dedicated to large tools.

Anything from bowls to plates should be kept in that cabinet.

After that when it comes to the actually cooking elements.

Things like spices should also have a little cabinet that should hold all of them.

You can also go another way and alphabetize the spices.

That will keep the spices more organized and give you less headache when cooking next time.

By the way, do you keep cookbooks and recipes?

And you have enough idea where to keep them? And they also take a lot of space and create a mess?

Then just bring all the cookbooks and recipes together. And give them a quick look.

Which ones do you need and which ones you’ll discard. 

Chances are high you don’t even need a lot of those cookbooks.

3. Decluttering the Refrigerator

The refrigerator is another very high traffic area.

To be honest it’s never really empty.

From vegetables, fruits, snacks, chocolates, meat.

It’s filled with everything.

So how can you make sure it’s also neat and clean?

First of all, put the meat in the freezer or the coldest parts.

Then spices should be kept on the door of the refrigerator.

Have a designated shelf for beverages and drinks.

And then if you have 2-3 shelves left.

Designate those to certain items. 

4. Decluttering and Sparkling the Bathroom

The bathroom is a very important place in any home. 

It’s a place where we can relax, clean ourselves and release our stress.

But if its messy and cluttered everything goes in vain.

What to do?

Categorize everything in your bathroom into a group of 3.

And buy the products according to the amount of space and shelves you have in the bathroom.

Now let’s say you have categorized your bathroom into 3 groups.

So, the first zone should be dedicated to everyday products.

Such as soap, toothbrush, shampoo, shower, gel, etc…

This should be the most readily accessible zone as well.

You can keep it near the countertop or the top drawer.

Then the second zone should be used for the items that are used weekly or monthly.

Things like makeup, perfumes, nail care equipment, etc…

You can store them in the middle drawer or the toilet top storage cupboard.

And then finally the 3rd zone should be designated for the items that are rarely used. You can store them under sink space or in the shelf above the bathroom door.

* How to declutter the Bathroom Cabinet?

Is there anything better than a clean and sophisticated bathroom cabinet?

Most of the times the bathroom cabinet is one of the highest traffic areas in a bathroom.

Because most people tend to keep all their stuff in it.

But an easy way to declutter it is to first of all just empty the whole cabinet.

Then clean the interior and shelves.

Take a garbage bag and throw away everything that you haven’t used in the past few months or so.

This way you throw away the unwanted items while also making the cabinet look a lot nicer.

5. Enjoying Family Time in a Decluttered Dining Room

Is your dining place filled with people you love and want to enjoy your time with or is it filled with items and objects you don’t even care about and just wanna throw away?

The first place to decluttering in a dining room is the cabinets.

There are so many things that one keeps in a dining room. 

Dinnerware sets, table cloths, candles, glasses, napkins, etc…

When you have a decluttered cabinet, it allows you to keep all these items neat and clean.

So the first thing you need to do is take out all the shelves. This will help you see the available space in the cabinet.

Then wipe down your cabinet and remove dust and spills.

And finally put the items you want most inside the cabinet and the rest you can throw away or give to someone else.

* Decluttering the Dining Table

It’s easy to have a cluttered dining table if all your kitchen accessories and little appliances are lying here and there.

The first thing you should do is bring them all together and sort them into three categories. 

Namely “Kitchen accessories, other accessories and dining room accessories”.

Then sort all the items lying on the dining table according to the above three categories.

Meaning the stuff that falls under dining table accessory should only be kept on the dining table and nothing else.

6. Tip-top Decluttered Bedroom

The bedroom is one of the most important places in your home.

And keeping it in a mess is like an energy vampire.

It’ll suck away at your energy and productivity until you keep your bedroom clean.

And to be honest it’s easy.

It all begins with categorization and creating zones.

The 3 main areas you wanna create in the bedroom is the sleeping zone, the relaxing and entertaining zone and the grooming zone.

Every single one of your items in the bedroom should fit into one of these 3 categories.

And if they don’t. Then probably that items don’t really belong in the bedroom at all.

* Using Command Hooks in Bedroom

Attach a command hook on the wall and doors of the bedroom. And you’ll get extra storage space.

You can use a command hook in a lot of ways such as Hanging your clothes, putting your laptop bags and purse.

7. Clutter Free Living Room

A messy living room is an embarrassment.

You don’t want your close friends and family members to sit there and see how disorganized and imbalanced of a life your life.

The first thing you want in your living room is shelves and drawers where you can keep stuff.

If you don’t have any of those.

Or don’t want to spend any money on getting some of these.

Then another great and cheap solution is Categorization.

Create a category of 2-3 for the living room.

The small items should be kept at one place while the big ones at one place.

This will save up a lot of mess and ease your headache.

While also making you look organized.


This article was all about decluttering your home and making it look neat and organized.

So, every time you come in your home you feel relaxed and cozy instead of anxious and overwhelmed with all the mess in the home.

The most important tip that I want you to take from this article is categorization.

Almost everything in your home can be categorized and organized.

Small items, large items, heavy items.

Every room has some item which can be fit into a category.

And once you start organizing all the items into their designated place, the mess will slowly but surely start becoming a beautiful cozy place.

Hope you liked this article.

Comment below and let me know your which one of these tips will you apply today to make your home more clutter free and light.

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