June 2, 2018
How To Clean Your Cutlery Draw

How To Clean Out Your Cutlery Draw

Is your cutlery draw starting to look like a hot mess? Knives mixed with forks, an no teaspoons to be found ANYWAY!!! It's time to get it sorted and cleaned at the same time.
June 1, 2018
How To Clean Your Toilet

How To Remove Lime Scale & Mineral Build Up From Your Toilet

Not only is the toilet our place to empty our bodies waste, it is often a place used to sit, think, relax and just escape! The glory of that porcelain bowl supports us during our best and worst times!
May 31, 2018
How To Clean Your Dishwasher

How To Clean Your Dishwasher

That wonderful machine in your kitchen that is designed to clean your plates, cups & glasses, does in fact need to be cleaned itself. Wondering just how to clean your dishwasher?
May 28, 2018
OMFG Miracle Spray - Clean Home Challenge

OMFG Miracle Spray

As a long time user of chemicals in my cleaning […]
May 2, 2018
How To Clean Your Doors

How To Clean Your Doors

Front door, back door, internal doors!! I'm sure you have quite a few doors. Some more than other's are used more, and show evidence of this with dirt, hand prints, pet paw prints and so much more!!!
May 1, 2018
How To Clean Light Fittings

How To Clean Light Fixtures

Ever wondered how to clean light fixtures. Also known as the home of tiny bugs. This cleaning tasks does not take too long, and needs to be done around every 3 - 6 months.
April 30, 2018
How To Remove Cobwebs From Your House

How To Cobweb Your Home

Starting to notice the cobwebs getting bigger and bigger in your home. All it takes is 1 tool and about 10 minutes of your time to remove them from your home.
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