Clean Your House From Top To Bottom In One Day

Clean Your House From Top To Bottom In One Day


Cleaning your entire home in one day is a big job, but it can be done. At least if you have the time. You will need the entire day to get this done.

So get ready, let’s clean the entire home in one day from top to bottom, from the bedrooms to the bathrooms!

Go put on some comfy clothes and your favorite music and grab your cleaning gear. Let’s do this.

Have The Right Equipment

Having all the correct cleaning products and equipment easily accessible will make cleaning the entire home in one day so much easier.

Use the list below to make sure you have everything you need to start cleaning your house.

Spray & Wipe
Window Cleaner
Kitchen Degreaser Cleaner
Bathroom Cleaner
Floor Cleaner
Magic Eraser
Microfibre Cloths
Glass Cloths
Mop & Bucket
Vacuum Cleaner
Step Ladder
Garbage Bags
Empty Basket

Where To Start Cleaning Your Home

This will depend on the layout of your home. If you are a 2 story home, then start at the top and work your way down.

If you are a single level home, start at the back of the home and work your way to the front.

First Step Is To Tidy Up

Grab your empty basket and a garbage bag.

Start in one room and pick up all the rubbish.

If there are items out of place, put them back in their right place.

If there are items in the room, that do not belong in that room, place them into your basket.

When you arrive to your next room, check your basket for any items that do belong, and put them back in their correct place.

Continue going from room to room to complete the tidy up stage. This includes all bedrooms, bathrooms, living areas and laundry.

Second Step Is To Cobweb

Grab your cleaning gear and let’s get this home clean.

Start back at the first room, and using your cobwebber, go around the entire inside of your house and remove any and all cobwebs.

These are usually found around the corners of your roof, but they could also be in the corners of your walls, and behind doors.

Check every room in your home and remove all cobwebs.

Time To Clean The Bedrooms

Next we will do all the bedrooms in the home. Once you have tidied up, the bedrooms are one of the fastest rooms in the home to clean.

If you have a ceiling fan, do that first using your step ladder and a microfibre cloth to remove the dust.

After that, dust down any furniture in the bedroom including side tables and your bed frame.

Wipe over your mirrors and windows with the glass cleaner and a glass cloth.

Once you have done that process in each room, we will move onto the bathrooms.

Don’t worry about the floors right now, we will do all the floors in the home last.

Let’s Tackle The Bathrooms

Grab your bathroom spray and let’s clean the bathroom.

Start by taking everything out of your shower area, and emptying your vanity/sink area.

Spray your toilet, shower, bath and sink area with your bathroom cleaner.

I do not advise on using bleach. If you do, then be very careful and DO NOT spray it everywhere.

The bathroom cleaner I use and love is Shower Power by OzKleen.

Once you have sprayed everything, go back and scrub the toilet and wipe clean.

Next scrub and wipe clean your bathtub.

Now let’s do the shower. If you have a build up of scum on your tiles or glass, use a magic eraser to wipe over all of the shower, and then rinse off with water.

Dry your shower using a microfibre cloth, and if you have a glass screen, clean it with glass cleaner and a glass cloth.

Lastly, let’s clean the bathroom sink.

We will come back to the floors after we finish the rest of the home.

Living Areas

The living areas consist of any common areas in the home.

So lounge room, dining room, entry, hallway and stairs.

If you have ceiling fans in any of these areas, grab your step ladder and clean those first.

Clean your windows with glass cleaner and a glass cloth. You can also wipe down your window sills.

Then onto the dusting. All you need to use is a dry microfibre cloth to collect up all the dust from all surfaces.

Wipe down things like, coffee tables, lamp tables, book shelves, TV Units, dining table, hall tables etc.

Don’t forget that if you have stairs to wipe down the railings.

Leave the floors for now, we will return shortly to complete them.


The laundry is usually quite easy to clean.

If you have an exhaust vent in your laundry. grab your step ladder and clean it. Most of them are removable, so you can take it off and wash under water.

Make sure it is dry before placing back into position.

Then dust down, clean the window if you have one in your laundry room, and while you are at it, check your lint filter in your dryer to see if it needs emptying.

Now we are off to the final room in the home, the kitchen. After we finish the kitchen, we will come back to doing the floors in the laundry as well as the rest of the home.

Kitchen Cleaning Time

The kitchen is the hub of the home in most houses.

It’s where family meals are made, and dirty dishes collected.

Now we are not going to be doing a deep clean in the kitchen today, as we have been cleaning all day now, and we need to get finished.

So to get your kitchen clean in just one day along with the rest of your entire home, let’s do the basics.

If you have an exhaust fan, grab your ladder, pull the exhaust fan off and clean it.

Use a good degreaser or hot soapy water to remove the build up.

Dry it thoroughly and replace.

Now let’s spray our splashbacks and wipe clean, along with all benchtops.

Wipe down any appliances and your fridge.

Clean your window using your window cleaner and a glass cloth.

Lastly clean your sink. For most sinks, you can use a magic eraser sponge to give it a really good clean.

As a bit of an extra clean, if you feel your sink pipes are a little smelly, boil your kettle, place a dishwasher tablet in the drain and pour the boiling water over it to dissolve and clean your drains out.

Ok, kitchen is done.

Now let’s go and get all the floors done, so we can then put our feet up and enjoy a cuppa!

Time To Clean The Floors

Grab your vacuum. If your vacuum cam we a crevice tool, use that first and go around the edges of the room, and then vacuum up the rest of your carpeted floors.

For hard floors in living areas, you can vacuum or sweep them up first before mopping.

Once you are done with all the carpeted areas and vacuuming the hard floors, you need to grab a mop bucket and fill it with boiling hot water and your preferred floor cleaner.

Start with your bathrooms and laundry floors first, then change the water if required.

Then work your way around the home mopping the remaining hard floors until they are all done.

Take A Look

So now you need to pack away all of your cleaning equipment back into the cleaning cupboard, place all of your dirty microfibre cloths in for a wash, and then pop on the kettle to make yourself a cuppa.

Now take a minute to appreciate everything you achieved today throughout your entire home.

Now your home is not only tidy, but also clean. This is a great starting to point to follow a weekly cleaning routine to keep on top of all the areas in your home.

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