Deep Cleaning Bathroom Hacks To Save You Time & Money

5 Deep Cleaning Bathroom Hacks to Save You Time & Money


Want to spend less than 30 minutes cleaning your bathroom each week?

Before you get the privilege of being able to complete your entire bathroom clean in under 30 minutes each week, on Bathroom Tuesday’s, you need to first get these 8 deep cleaning tasks taken care of.

We Don’t Just Shower In The Bathroom

Sure, you use the bathroom for bathing, showering & going to the toilet, but what about all those hours you are in there, singing in the shower, thinking (or playing on the phone), while going to the toilet. We, humans, spend hours upon hours of our busy schedules in the bathroom. So it only makes sense to have that area of your home, clean, beautiful and ready for use.

Let the Bathroom Deep Clean Begin

Some of these cleaning tasks, you may not even be aware, and others you may have already done.

Restore Your Grout

By using this super cheap, and make at home product, you can have your grout looking like new instantly.

Yep, it’s the OMFG Miracle Spray. Simple to make, and very effective.

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Shower Grout Before & After

Remove Limescale & Grime From Your Shower Head

You look up to let that warm water run down and your face, and all you see is a dirty showerhead, full of limescale build up.

It’s an easy fix. All you need is a small plastic bag, white vinegar and an elastic band.

Fill the ziplock back halfway with white vinegar, and place it over the shower head, and secure with the elastic band.

Leave for at least 4 hours, or overnight if you can.

Then simply remove and let the shower run for 30 seconds, to disperse any buildup inside the shower head that has now been unclogged.


Remove your Toilet Seat

You sit on it every day, and that toilet seat of yours deserves to be dust free.

There are a few different types of toilet seats on the market, so you will have to take a look at yours to determine how to remove it.

If you have a removable toilet seat, you need to press the button to unclip it.

If yours is screwed in, then you will need to get down and look at where the screws are and undo them to release the toilet seat from the base of the toilet.

Once you have your toilet seat removed, place it into the bathtub with enough water to cover it. Place a good squirt of toilet cleaner into the bath also. If you use a coloured toilet cleaner, please make sure it does not discolour your bathtub.

Let it soak, and while it is, head back to the base of your toilet. Give a good scrub and wipe around the places your toilet seat joins the base.

Head back to your toilet seat, wipe it over and rinse it off.

Place it back onto your toilet.

Now the next time you sit down to do your thinking, you know that your toilet seat is 100% clean.

Let Your Exhaust Fan Work

Is your exhaust fan actually working at its best? Is it drawing out the moisture from your bathroom to prevent mould and mildew buildup?

Look at it, is it clean or full of dust buildup?

You may need a step ladder for this cleaning task.

Grab your vacuum and suck up whatever dust you can. If this does not remove it all, you will need to get up there and pull that cover off.

Rinse it under warm water and use an old toothbrush and scrub away the rest of the dust.

Wipe clean and replace.

Exhaust Fans Before & After


Restore Your Bathtub

Got some buildup happening in your bathtub? No problem. Use our Miracle Bathtub Cleaner to have your bathtub looking like new again. Then it’s just a case of a quick spray and wipe on the weekly bathroom clean.

Miracle Bathtub Cleaner



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  1. Hello Leigh,

    A perfect list you share that helps me more to reduce the germs from any kinds of the toilet like commode or plan toilet. I used to clean my bathroom baking soda, vinegar.

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