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Home cleaning can be a nightmare especially when you’ve got little monsters in the house (your little kiddos LOL), but a child’s play if you adopt a cleaning schedule and build a clean habit.

In this article, you’re going to learn the 2 most important things which make your home cleaning process simple yet highly effective.

Wanna know what are those 2 things?

Alright, those 2 things are –

1. Adopting a cleaning schedule,

2. Building a clean habit.

When you stick with just 2 of these, I can guarantee you’ll have a better standard of living and stress-free life without ever having to worry about hiring home cleaning services, housekeepers, or maids.

So that you spend more time with family enjoying, chilling, and relaxing, not just cleaning and scrubbing.

So, without any further ado, let’s jump right into the content which you came for that is learning to clean your house the easiest and simplest way possible.

1. Adopting a Cleaning Schedule

A cleaning schedule is knowing what to clean when.

It’s NOT

  • Week 1 – Kitchen
  • Week 2 – Living spaces
  • Week 3 – Bathrooms
  • Week 4 – Bedrooms

Let’s be honest, you cannot do that.

Could you?

I mean how could you NOT clean the kitchen the 2nd week?

Don’t we eat daily?

Don’t we get our dishes dirty daily?

Don’t we use the kitchen sink daily?

This is when the right cleaning schedule comes in handy?

So, what’s the right cleaning schedule? You wonder.

Here we go –

The right cleaning schedule is knowing what to clean when, and how often to clean.

Every Day

  • Make the bed.
  • Clean dirty dishes.
  • Wipe the countertops.
  • Wipe the kitchen sinks.
  • Sweep the floor.
  • Take the trash out.

Once a Week

  • Wipe electronic appliances inside and out.
  • Scrub toilets, sinks, showers and tubs
  • Wipe down the mirrors.
  • Dust the furniture, light holders, banisters, and shelves.
  • Change the bed sheets.
  • Do laundry.
  • Vacuum carpets.
  • Mop floor.

Once a Month

Every Few Months

  • Clean the interior of the oven.
  • Clean the interior of the fridge.
  • Clean countertop appliances.
  • Vacuum the vents of the fridge, washer, and dryer.
  • Wash cotton slipcovers.
  • Wash comforters and duvet covers.
  • Wash bedroom pillows.
  • Vacuum and flip the mattresses.
  • Dust lamp shades.
  • Wash windows.
  • Sweep ceilings.
  • Clean fireplace.

Once a Year

  • Clean the pantry and get rid of expired items.
  • Air out the drapes.
  • Wash throw pillows.
  • Sort through the closets to know what to keep, repair, donate, or recycle.

Now that you’ve got the schedule, it’s time for building a clean habit with my all-time favorite products which I personally use to make my home cleaning process as easy as possible.

2. Building a Clean Habit

Building a clean habit is building a habit that keeps your home clean, picture-perfect, and guest-ready all the time.

For example,

For a clean kitchen.

Clean as you cook.

Wipe up spills the second they happened.

Rinse and soak pots and pans so they’re almost clean before you even cleaned them.

When you make a meal, there is hardly anything to do afterward.

Now here comes my favorite secret cleaning weapons:

You can tackle just about the whole kitchen with just four of these.

And for sponges, I use and love the brand ScrubDaddy.

Their sponges are great and feel comfortable in hand.

However, there are some other things you can do to prevent messes in the first place:

Use tin foil to line your cookie sheets, muffin pans, and the oven too.

And brown your hamburger in a pan with a splatter screen so you won’t have to wipe down your walls.

It’s all about knowing how to save a few minutes off here and there, so you can enjoy your time in the kitchen cooking and laughing and sharing meals and not just cleaning and scrubbing.

Use A Doormat

Doormats are a great thing when it comes to trapping dirt, so make sure you have two of these, one outside the house and one inside.

This cleaning hack is super helpful no matter the season, be it summer or winter.

When you have either snowy or dusty shoes going in and out of the house it’s going to create a great mess. 

So, use doormats and make sure to clean the mats regularly, as dirty mats contribute to the mess.

Walk barefoot inside the house or have house-only clean separate shoes

If there’s another important thing you wanna take from this article other than having a cleaning schedule is going to be this one.

The biggest thing which makes our floors dusty is walking around the house in the same shoes which you use to go out.

Shoes carry a lot of dirt into our house so it’s best to take off the shoes while entering inside the house and walk barefoot, or if you love wearing shoes inside the house then make sure it’s a home-only separate shoe which is super clean.

These are just little things which add up-to in order to keep your house clean always.

Now, that you’ve got the cleaning schedule, a clean habit, it’s time for some of the million dollars tips that keeps you organized and hassle-free.

Laundry Day

After Sunday’s rest and relaxation doing laundry on Monday is a good way to ease into the week.

When you get home from work, do a few loads of laundry and feel good about having nice, clean clothes for the coming week.

Ironing and Mending Day

Ironing, for many of us, is the most meditative of chores. As for mending, grab your pile of socks or shirts and get back to work.

If your clothes are beyond repair, cut them into rags to use for cleaning.

I also just discovered a great way to use the occasional orphaned socks: Just slip them over your hand and wash windows with them. Easy.

For cleaning products I love the brand www.OzKleen.com, they work just amazing.

Bedrooms and Home Office Day

Changing the bedsheet is delightful since sleeping on a clean, fresh sheet is one of life’s finest pleasures.

Do your vacuuming and dusting properly.

No skimping under the bed!

For vacuum cleaners, I use and love the brand Shark.

Also, be sure to clean the windows too.

Shopping Day

Grocery shopping on the weekends is not for everybody.

It’s just too crowded.

So grab the shopping list and go on a Thursday evening instead, to enjoy the chaos-free store. Don’t forget your coupons though 😉

Living Room Day

It’s time to vacuum the sofa, carpet, and chairs, dust the electronics, and clean the glass of the TV which gets very dirty.

Let the sunshine in by washing the windows, to fall on the clean floor.

Polish up your decorative bowls and frames.

Bathroom and Kitchen Day

These rooms get very dirty, so get up early, get them done, and do whatever you want with the rest of your day.

Right after your morning coffee or tea, clean the kitchen:

Attack the countertops, sinks, and floors.

Wipe down the electronic appliances and polish up the taps.

Then make the bathrooms sparkle by washing the tiles and giving the tubs and toilets a good rubdown.

Rest and Relax Day

Enjoy the fruits of all the week’s work by spending time with our friends and family or even with a good book and a nice piece of dark chocolate.

That always works for me.

Wrap Up

In this article, we learned to have a cleaning schedule and knowing what to clean when and how often you should clean everything.

Along with building a clean habit that keeps your house clean no matter how much you cook, how many family members you’ve got, or how often your guests come.

And also amazing tips on getting organized with your cleaning activities that not only keeps your house guest-ready but also offers you a great me-time where you can read books, watch Sitcom or take a good nap in your fresh hotel feel bed.

So, there you have it.

Follow this article and never get worried about cleaning your house ever again.

Cleanliness is next to godliness, after all!

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