How To Clean Mould From Your Ceiling

How To Clean Mould From Your Ceiling


If you start to notice mould appearing on any part of your ceilings in your home, act on it quickly.

Your first step is to try and eliminate the reason it is happening.

The most common reason is not enough ventilation in the room. This is most common in bathrooms.

If you have mould on the ceilings in bedrooms or living areas, this too can be from lack of ventilation, but it could also be because of something happening from above in your roof. It could be a broken tile, or a small leak in a sunlight or air vent.

So after ensuring your rooms have enough ventilation, and no leaking roofs, you can treat the mould, and prevent it from coming back.

To treat (kill) the mould you can see on your ceilings you need to use a mould killer. Not bleach. My personal favourite is either the OzKleen Mould Power or Clove Oil.

Step 1

Using a flat mop, spray some mould power onto the pad.

Step 2

Use the mop on the ceiling that has the mould on it.

Step 3

After 24 hours if you can still see the mould you can now re-apply Mould Power, or use bleach to whiten it.

Step 4

Monitor your mould situation. If you notice it coming back, there is still a ventilation or leak issue. You can repeat the steps above to treat the new mould.

Cleaning Mould On The Ceiling


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