How To Clean Light Fittings

How To Clean Light Fixtures


Ever wondered how to clean light fixtures. Also known as the home of tiny bugs. This cleaning tasks does not take too long, and needs to be done around every 3 – 6 months.

How To Clean Light Fixtures In Your Home

How To Clean Light Fixtures

Depending on the type of light fixtures you have around the home, will determine how long and how often you need to clean your light fixtures.

If you read below i will show you how to clean light fixtures. There are a few standard type of light fixtures that you may have in your home and I will show you how to clean your light fixtures.

To clean your light fixtures, you may only need some spray & wipe and a microfibre cloth to get the task done.

Pro Tip:

If you have plastic light fixtures, that have not been cleaned in a very long, they will be extremely fragile, and most likely, break into pieces as soon as you touch them.

How To Clean Your Light Fittings


Clean your light fixtures throughout the home.


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  1. MAKE SURE YOUR LIGHT FIXTURE IS NOT HOT. Turn off for at least 30 minutes prior to cleaning your light fixtures, so they are cool enough to handle. Remove your light fixture. There are several types of light fixtures on the market, so you may need to find out the correct method to remove yours. Some of the more common ones will either be:
  • A twist style. Simply twist the fixture.
  • Clip On. Have 2 or more clips that need to be released from around the cover.
  • Internal Springs/Clips. Your light fixture should be able to just pull down.
  • Screws. There are 3 screws that need to be loosened to remove the light fixture.

2. Empty all the dead bugs/dust and dirt from the light fixture. You can empty directly into a bin.

3. Rinse under cold water in the laundry tub. For deep fixtures, place a microfibre cloth inside and use something long to move the cloth around to wipe inside.

4. Spray the outside with Spray & Polish and wipe dry using a fresh microfibre cloth.

5. Replace your light fixture.


This should be done every 3-6 months. Join the Cleaners Clubhouse to have access to my online cleaning calendar with daily reminders of tasks to be completed.

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