Weekly Kitchen Clean

Once A Week Kitchen Clean


Monday’s are Kitchen cleaning day at the Clean Home Challenge HQ.


If you follow my daily cleaning routines, and have learnt to have 5 cleaning habits each day, completing a thorough clean of your kitchen once a week, should take you around 30 – 45 minutes to complete.

In our weekly kitchen clean we will:

  • De-Clutter
  • Wash Any Dishes Hanging Around
  • Take Rubbish Out
  • Clean Window (If You Have One)
  • Wipe Clean The Oven
  • Wipe Clean The Stovetop
  • Wipe Clean  The Rangehood
  • Wipe Over The Fridge
  • Wipe Down Appliances & Benchtops
  • Wipe the front’s of cupboard doors
  • Wipe Down Walls & Splashback
  • Wipe Over The Dishwasher
  • Vacuum & Mop The Floors


Items Required

Have your cleaning items ready to go. I have a basket under my sink with my kitchen cleaning supplies in it. Click here to find out what I keep in my kitchen cleaning basket.

I keep my vacuum, broom and mop in my laundry cupboard.


Get Started

1.The first thing is to de-clutter. What doesn’t belong in the kitchen, needs to be moved to the correct area of the home or thrown in the bin. Collect dishes as you go and place into the sink or dishwasher.

2. Clean your kitchen window. You can read how to clean windows here.

3. Let’s now give the oven a quick wipe over. If you do this each week, you should not need to do a deep clean. You be able to simply spray & wipe your oven clean.

4. Now onto your rangehood. Give it a spray and wipe. If your filters are starting to have a build up of grease in them, pull them out and spray them with Grease Power. Let them soak until you have finished the rest of the kitchen.

5. A quick wipe over of your stovetop. Cleaning it weekly should mean you only need to spray & wipe it clean.

6. A quick look in the fridge. Does anything need to be thrown out? If so, throw it out now. Grab your spray and wipe and wipe down where you can inside the fridge, then move onto the outside and clean it.

7. Next we need to clean and polish up any bench top appliances. After doing that you want to wipe down your bench tops.

8. Moving onto the kitchen cupboards. With your spray and wipe, work your way around the kitchen, wiping over the fronts of all cupboard doors. Pay attention to around the handles.

9. Onto a spot clean of any walls, and a clean and polish up of your splashback.

10. Now take out the rubbish, and wipe down your bins and replace with fresh garbage bags.

11. Finish off the dishes in the sink, or if you had the dishwasher going, empty it and wipe over the dishwasher.

12. If you had your rangehood filters soaking, go get them and rinse them off. Dry them and place them back into your rangehood.

13. Lastly, a vacuum and a mop, and your kitchen clean is done.



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Weekly Kitchen Cleaning Printable Worksheet

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