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Want Streak Free Windows: Use Vinegar To Clean Them


You never really do notice how dirty your windows are until you clean them. Let me tell you the quickest way to having clean windows in your home, with a product you already most likely have in your pantry.

Can You Use Vinegar To Clean Windows?

Yes, you can use white vinegar to clean your windows. Mix one part of white vinegar with one part of cold water into a spray bottle. This mixture will provide you with streak-free windows.

If you haven’t cleaned your windows in over 6 months, then they may need a little extra attention. I’ll give you the recipe for another homemade window cleaner.

What Mixture Will I Need To Make

Start by assessing the condition of your windows. Are they heavily built up with dirt, dead bugs and spiderwebs, or do they look like they only have a slight bit of dust or fingerprints on them?

Once you have had a closer look at your windows, refer to the table below for the window cleaning mixture you will need to use to clean your windows.

Heavily Built Up With Dirt2 cups of cold water
1/4 cup of white vinegar
1/2 teaspoon of dish washing liquid
Combine these ingredients in a spray bottle.
Just A Few Fingerprints Showing1 cup of cold water
1 cup of white vinegar
Combine these ingredients in a spray bottle.
Streak Free Window Cleaning Mixture

What Other Tools Will I Need

To make the job of cleaning your windows easy to complete, I recommend using the following tools to get the job done:

  • Microfibre Cloths
  • Window Squeegee or
  • Window Cleaning Cloths
  • A Step Ladder For Higher Windows

How To Apply Your Mixture

If your windows are really dirty, spray the mixture onto the glass, and using a microfibre cloth, give them a wipe over.

Then spray your window with the mixture again and use either the squeegee or a window cleaning cloth.

If you are using the squeegee method, make sure your squeegee blade is wet to start with, and you wipe the blade after each stroke.

If you are using the window cleaning cloth method, make sure you are always using a dry cloth. Once your glass cleaning cloth is wet, it will start to leave streaks on your windows.

If you notice streaks, it’s time to use a fresh glass cleaning cloth. Give a little spray with the mixture on the glass, and then wipe over with your new dry glass cleaning cloth.

How Often Should I Clean My Windows

How often you need to be cleaning your windows will depend on the location of your home.

You will need to make the call yourself on how often you should be cleaning your windows.

If you live by the sea, then you would need to do it a lot more often as the sea salt builds up quickly.

As a general rule of thumb for most homes, I suggest cleaning your windows at least every change of season. So every 3 months.

When Is The Best Time To Clean My Windows

Once you are ready to clean your windows, pick a day that is overcast but not raining.

Do not clean your windows on a hot sunny day.

The heat will just evaporate any window cleaning mixture you spray onto your glass, and it is simply too hard to see if you have done a good job with cleaning the glass.

By waiting for an overcast day, this allows you to spray the glass without it evaporating, and also allows you to see the glass well enough to know if any hand prints or marks remain on the windows.

Clean Outside Windows First

Generally, the outside of your windows will be a lot dirtier than the inside, so always clean your windows from the outside first.

This way, when you come inside to clean your windows, you will be able to see if there has been anything that you missed cleaning on the outside of the glass.

Window Frames

If you are going to clean your window frames at the same time as doing your glass, clean the frames first.

Use your white vinegar mixture, or a spray & wipe to clean the frames.

Simple spray the frames, and then wipe them down with a microfibre cloth.

Once you have finished cleaning the frame of your window, then you can go ahead and clean the glass of your window.

Window Tracks

Cleaning your window tracks can be a tricky one. If left for too long, they get such a build up in them.

Cleaning them more often, makes the task of cleaning your window tracks, much quicker and easier.

If your window tracks are built up, grab yourself some microfibre cloths, an old toothbrush, or paintbrush a screwdriver, a vacuum, and your window cleaning spray mixture.

Start by loosening all the dirt up with your toothbrush or paint brush.

Grab your vacuum and suck up all the loose dirt.

Then spray your window track with your window cleaning spray or a spray & wipe.

For hard to reach and tight corners, place your microfibre cloth in the track and use the screwdriver to push it along the track and up into the edges to get out the last of the dirt.

Tinted Windows

If your windows are tinted or have any kind of film on them, you need to be really careful when cleaning your windows.

Some chemicals and cleaning products can strip and ruin your window coverings.

Always ask the manufacture or company who applied the window tint on the correct procedure to clean your windows.

If you attempt to clean your tinted windows using the incorrect method, you may risk voiding the warranty on your window tint.

Always seek out the correct method from the supplier first before cleaning your tinted windows.

Professional Thoughts On Window Cleaning

Cleaning your windows is certainly one of the longer tasks to complete in your home.

So you want to be able to do it the very best you can, and in the easiest and fastest way possible.

So start by having all the correct window cleaning tools and streak-free window cleaning sprays ready to go.

Choose an overcast day so the sun is not shining in your eyes, and evaporating your window cleaning spray.

To make sure you have streak-free glass, always be using a clean, dry window cloth to wipe your spray with.

Clean your outside windows first, starting with the frames and then the glass.

Finally put a reminder on your calendar to clean your windows at least every 3 months or the start of a new season.

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