Could You Be Happier If Your Home Is Clean

Does a Clean House Make You Happier


As we all know that a clean home actually makes you feel better or make you feel happier because nobody likes a dirty untidy home. Although it’s not necessary but you know coming back home from a tiring busy day to a clean tidy home actually lifts up your mood. Some of you might have noticed that seeing a clean and tidy home or room automatically takes you in a relaxation mood. So, I’ve gathered some information for you all related to this topic:

Does a Clean House Make You Happier?

As I mentioned above that a clean and tidy house truly lifts up your mood, and does make you happier. No one in this world would ever feel comfortable living in a messy smelly and dirty house. No one would want their guests to sit in an unpleasant place. As I’ve experienced this myself that cleaning your home actually diminishes your mental health or stress. A clean and scented home automatically makes you happier.

Help in Mental Health:

A neat surrounding can make you feel better. If you feel like you are having stress or anxiety then you can keep yourself busy by cleaning your room or home. Keeping yourself busy in cleaning and rearranging things at home can be a positive aid for your mental health.

Simple Ways To Clean Your House:

  • Firstly, keep this thing in your mind that it is not necessary to clean your house every day or to stress out because of not cleaning your house or not getting enough time for that.
  • Gaining some perspective would definitely appreciate everything in your house, especially the messes.
  • Motivate yourself first.
  • It’s not easy to clean your entire house every day because obviously it’s too hectic and also no one’s have the energy to clean the entire house in one day and especially every day.
  • If you’re a busy working person or you aren’t getting enough time then just try to clean few parts of your house whenever you get free time.
  • Take out few minutes to make your bed or dust off your room, throw out all the old or rotten food from your fridge or kitchen. This will boost up your mood.
  • Set your priority. See which room is more important to you or which room you spend the most time in and also get your family involved in it.
  • You can also make a calendar or timetable for that or make fun activities for cleaning the house if you feel a little lazy.
  • Play music while cleaning the house that will make it more fun and it will make it easier to work for you.
  • Assign small tasks to each one of your family member’s for example; give laundry to one of your partner or kid, ask one to wash all the dishes, let one make everyone’s bed and the tasks go on.
  • It’s not always easy to mop the complete house so you can use robotic mops or even vacuums for that.
  • Don’t burden yourself. You always have a second option. You can always hire a professional maid service for cleaning your house as well.
  • Not only does a clean house look good or make you happy but a good smell is also very important. The fresh scented aroma in the house automatically puts you in a relaxation mode and makes you feel happier.
  • You can also donate your old clothes and toys and extra unnecessary stuff to a local chairty. It will clear the space of your house and will also help other needy people.
  • Spend at least thirty minutes a day, to clean your house. Or at least take out a minimum of 15 minutes from your daily life.
  • Make your bed every single day.

National sleep Foundation reported that people who make their beds were 19 percent were more likely to get restful sleep.

Cleanliness is a must. The best and proper way to live is by living in a clean and tidy house. And I think an organized home is way easy to clean the home. Also it is not necessary to be extremely perfect. It is perfectly ok to not to be perfect. No one’s going to judge you for that. But it’s good and healthy for you to keep your house clean, tidy and arranged.

A study associated by professor Nicole R. Keith (PhD) research scientist and also a professor at Indiana University, found that people with clean houses are much healthier and happier than people with messy and dirty houses.

If you’re planning to clean your kitchen then you should keep these things clean in your mind:

  • Wash your dishes.
  • Clean the basin and kitchen benchtop with a dry and wet piece of cloth.
  • Throw out all the rotten food, vegetables, and fruits from your fridge.
  • Clean out the fridge and freezer.
  • Mop the floor properly. You can use Dettol or any other cleaning liquid solution for that.
  • And lastly, spray a good room freshener spray for a good ambiance.

If you are planning to clean your bathroom, this is what you should do:

  • First things first, clear out all the extra stuff from your washroom.
  • Throw out all the empty shampoo or face wash bottles.
  • Wash all the walls with a plain wet rolling brush or a mop. Whatever is available at your home.
  • Clean your bathtub, your sink, your toilet, your mirror, your shower curtain and etc.
  • Sweep the floor properly.
  • And last but not the least, good fragrance is always the most essential thing so use the air freshener or put any automatic spray in the bathroom.

The same goes for bedrooms and living rooms and also guest rooms.

Clean the rooms, sweep them, mop them (if needed). Rearrange things in the room change the curtains if you have extra time for that, though it’s not that important you can just wash them as well. Be sure to always put the things where they belong. Wash out the walls and floors of your rooms. Lastly, light a good scented candle or spray a good air freshener for a good aromatic ambiance.

Get The Kid’s Involved In Cleaning The Home

You can also involve your kids in this act. It is great to teach your children the cleanliness of a house especially at a young age. Maintaining, a clean room is also something to proud of. Let me help you out a bit in how you can make it fun and involve your children in cleaning the house.

  • Make a calendar or a task table for each of your children even for yourself and your family members.
  • Assign different small duties or tasks to them such as, cleaning the tables, dusting the curtains, cleaning the showpieces or frames, moping the floor, sweeping the floors, changing the bedsheets and cushions and sofa covers.
  • You can make it fun by playing games while cleaning the house too.
  • Make it a game or a contest. Assign the winning amount of chocolates or different other gifts to different chores. This will develop more interest in cleaning the house and helping you out.

Let me explain how you can make a task table for your family or kids:

JulieLiving Area40minsChocolates
Family Household Chores Chart

I think cleanliness is necessary and important because it keeps the things and environment clean and also it prevents diseases and viruses that arise from dust and untidiness. You should regularly clean your house, at least take out few minutes or an least an hour for cleanliness, to keep your home fresh and healthy all the time.

Hire A Professional Cleaning Service

You can also opt for home cleaning services. There are basically two types of services. One is consumer services and the other one is commercial services.

Let me explain it to you the difference between both of them:

Domestic Service:

Consumer service also refers to residential services that do all the household activities, like cleaning the house, cleaning the windows, cleaning and washing the floors, moping the bathroom, carpet cleaning, sofa cleaning, and all the other household activities.

Deep Cleaning Service:

It basically means professional cleaning of commercial spaces, your houses, offices, clinics, hospitals, schools, industrial properties, and other commercial spaces. In commercial services you hire a professional team of two to six people who come to clean on regular basis for a few days to clean the area, Like mopping, dusting, and other stuff. I’d suggest you go for commercial cleaning services for your house, especially if you’re working away from home and you don’t get enough time out from your busy days for your house cleaning.

Having A Clean Home Is Important

I believe housecleaning is very important no matter what and you can’t just ignore it. Because your home is a place that you welcome your guests, and nobody would want to come to a dirty home and untidy home. It feels kind of embarrassing in front of the guests when your house is all dirty and the smell is coming from the surrounding of your house. It makes me happy when I clean my house or when my house is clean and a good fragrance is coming from my home and people coming to my home praise me for that. It motivates your guests also that how home cleaning attracts people and how necessary it is.

By putting things back to their place where they belong, or when something hits the floor, get up immediately and clean it up with a cloth right away, keep your shoes in the shoe rack immediately when you come back home, keep the keys where they belong, keeping the books where they belong every time can also help you a lot in preventing the mess in the home and it will also make your cleaning easy.

I don’t think it’s a duty for women only to clean the house, men should also help their wives and their women in cleaning the house.

Cleaning the house is quite boring and can make you lazy, but to avoid the laziness and boredom you can watch TV while folding the clothes or doing other household activities. Or you can also play the music while cleaning.

I use different items for cleaning; which includes mop, dust cloth, vacuum cleaner, paper towel, tissue papers, cleaning brush, empty baskets, cleaning spray.

You should also make the cleanliness of your home one of your priorities. Cleanliness gives a positive vibe. Keeping a house clean always gives you positive energy. Imagine coming home from a tiring day to a happy, clean and tidy home? Doesn’t that feel so nice?

Zodiac Signs and Cleaning

There are few zodiac signs that loves cleanliness and who always love to keep their surrounding’s clean and positive. These are the four signs:

  • Virgo
  • Capricorn
  • Taurus
  • Leo

These four signs love to keep their surroundings clean they are very well organized. Sharing a room with them is quite challenging as they will constantly remind you to clean up the room and keep everything organized. These signs cannot afford to live in a dirty environment. They prefer everything to be clean and tidy every day and all the time. They want everything to be arranged properly. In short, they are cleanliness freaks. For them, cleanliness is equal to happiness.

Final Thought’s On Having A Clean Home To Be Happier

Your home is a reflection of the people living in it. Cleanliness also describes the different personalities of a person. The good, the bad, and the ugly. I have heard that people who keep their kitchen and bathrooms clean are more likely considered to be well organized and well-maintained people. Mostly dirt and untidiness arise from places like kitchens and washrooms where there are more activities done that lead to the accumulation of garbage. People who love to keep their house clean try to reduce the garbage by cleaning their kitchen and bathroom regularly.

For instance, rotten fruits and vegetables in the kitchen result in bad odor, flying insects, and other creepy-crawlies which make the kitchen look so dirty. Not only does that area look dirty in fact it categorizes the people living in that house as unhygienic and irresponsible. However, people must try to clean their kitchen every day to avoid such untidiness in their homes. A cleaner house is a better and peaceful place to live as it is a mood booster. On the other hand, unhygienic houses also lead to many diseases and viral infections that adversely affect the lives of the people living in them.

Sanitation of a household clearly defines what type of people are living in that household. I believe that only people who are mentally at peace prefer to live in a clean house. I have a reason for saying this because it is quite obvious nobody likes a dirty girl or a boy. Everybody wants to be with somebody who is well maintained and looks good. So, how a person who is well maintained and good-looking can keep his/her home untidy. It’s true that some people are too busy to clean their houses. But still, they try to hire a house help or somebody else on their behalf to clean the house.

Lots of habits are necessary to live a happy and healthy life and cleanliness is amongst them. A person’s mental health is correspondingly related to how clean and organized a person’s home is. People are less likely to feel depressed if they find their surroundings to be clean. Messy and cluttered places can make anybody uncomfortable and anxious. Tripping because of children’s toys or a wet floor might instantly spoil a person’s mood and also it might harm him/her.

Specifically, houses, where there are infants and toddlers, must be properly sanitized because kids usually love to linger on the floor. Crawling and playing on the floor might cause a risk to a child’s health if the floor is not clean. The child might get food poisoning or other infectious diseases that might cause frequent hospital visits. Obviously, no parent can live a peaceful and happy life if their kids are unwell. Therefore it is very important for the house to be clean to make it a happy and comfortable place to live.

Cleanliness has become an integral part of our lives. Now everybody should take care of their surroundings and try to clean and disinfect as much as possible to stay away from viruses. Sanitation of the place you’re living in will not only give you a positive vibe but also the people who are living around you and in your locality. Everybody should be responsible to clean their surroundings to live a comfortable and chaos-free life. A relaxed life will definitely raise your scale of happiness and reduce stress in your daily life.

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