10 Steps To A Clean Bathroom

10 Steps To Deep Clean Your Bathroom


Where do you start? The minute you clean it, the bathroom is being used again. No-one else in the house seems to notice the mess they make!! It’s always up to you, to make it sparkle and shine again!!

Follow my easy to follow, step by step, plan to keep your bathroom in a condition that you would be happy to have any unexpected guests using!



The very first thing you need to do is cobweb. Grab your cobwebber, broom or vacuum, and get rid of them!! Read how to cobweb here.


If you have a light fitting, remove and clean it. If you have a light cover, with the heat lamps inside, make sure the lights have been off for some time. Remove one of the light bulbs. You will then see a spring attached the plastic light cover. Release this, and then clean your light cover.

Replace the light fitting or cover. More on cleaning light fittings here.

Next is to remove your exhaust fan cover. Most of these will either pop off, or be a twist style. Remove and clean by either:

a) Running under water and scrubbing with course brush.

b) Vacuuming it.

c) Using an air compressor.

Once you have cleaned your exhaust fan, place it back into position.



This part can be a bit messy, depending on how long ago you actually cleaned it.

Firstly grab a paint brush or a flat head screwdriver, and loosen up any built up dirt in your window tracks, then grab your vacuum and suck it out.

Use your spray & wipe and spray around the window frame and tracks. Using a microfibre cloth, starting at the top of the window frame, and working your way around the sides of the frame to wipe it clean. DO NOT DO THE BOTTOM YET!!

Next, using window cleaner, spray your glass. Using a fresh microfibre cloth, give it a scrub.

Spray it again with window cleaner, and then use a glass cleaning cloth, to make it streak free.

Now back to the window tracks…………. Give them another spray with spray and wipe so they are wet. Stick a microfibre cloth in once end, and place your screwdriver on top of your cloth, and run it along the frame.

Keep doing this, until you have managed to remove all the dirt from the tracks.


There are a number of great products you can use to clean the tiles, grout & glass in your shower:

I personally spray my tiles, grout and glass screens with Shower Power. As i’m spraying the tiles, i have a small, hard bristle brush, and i scrub it all over.

With the glass, I grab a magic eraser, and wipe my Shower Power to cover ALL of the glass. If you have a build up of scum, when you are wiping with the magic eraser, you will find it fill hard to wipe. Once the scum is removed, your magic eraser will glide over your screens.

I let all of this sit for about 5-10 minutes.

I come back and give the tiles another scrub over if required.

Now it’s time to get wet!!! If your shower has a removable shower head that you can use to hose down your shower, FANTASTIC!!! If not, you are going to need a bucket!!

You need to rinse all your tiles & glass, so that all the chemical has been removed.

Once you have done this, grab 2 microfibre cloth’s, 1 in each hand, and start wiping down the shower walls, glass and framework.

Next, using your window cleaner, spray your shower head, taps & screens. Using a glass cleaning cloth, polish your shower head & taps.

Grab a squeegee, and remove the glass cleaner from your screens.

Now, move onto the outside of your screens. Spray with glass cleaner, and remove with a squeegee.

You may need to do some spot cleaning on your screens. You do this by spraying just a little bit of window cleaner onto your glass, and using a glass cleaning cloth, wipe it off.

Lastly to finish off your sparkling, scum free shower, is the floor.

All you need is your magic eraser. Wipe over the floor with it, and then grab a microfibre cloth, and dry it up.

Your shower should now be PERFECT!


Start by spraying your bathtub with your chosen cleaner.

Grab a magic eraser, scrub at your bathtub.

Rinse with water.

Spray glass cleaner onto your taps, and polish them with a glass cleaning cloth.

Using a fresh microfibre cloth, dry your bathtub, to a streak free shine.


Lift the lid and spray with your chosen toilet cleaner.

Spray the toilet seat, under & on top, your cistern and the outside of the toilet bowl.

Come back to the inside of the toilet, and give it a good scrub with a toilet brush.

Using some toilet paper, start wiping over the seat and the cistern.

Wipe down the outside of your toilet bowl.

Chuck your used toilet paper into the toilet and give it a flush!

If you have limescale build up, read here on how to remove it.


Using your chosen spray, use it on the top of your basin & vanity tops. Pay attention to around the taps. You may need to use a toothbrush to clean around the taps & water spout.

Spray your taps and spout with glass cleaner, and polish with a glass cleaning cloth.

Go back to your basin & vanity and wipe it dry with a microfibre cloth.

If you have cupboards underneath, use your spray and a microfibre cloth to clean these.

Onto your mirror, you need to spray it with window cleaner, and use a glass cleaning cloth to get a streak free finish.


For tiled bathroooms, you want to use a glass cleaner on your tiles, and polish them by using a glass cleaning cloth. This will give you a streak free finish.

If you have painted walls in your bathroom, you want to use a surface spray and wipe clean with a microfibre cloth.


Spray your bathroom door, and wipe dry with a microfibre cloth. You can see a detailed How To Clean Doors here.


You made it. The last thing on the bathroom cleaning list!!

You have 2 options here:

a) Mop & Bucket or

b) Hands & Knees

I personally use the hands and knee method.

Mop and Bucket – Fill your mop bucket with hot water and your floor cleaner. Then mop your floor.

Hand & Knee – Grab your floor cleaning spray and some microfibre cloth’s. Starting in the furtherst point from the bathroom door, start spraying th floor, and wiping with the microfibre cloth’s as you make your way out of the room.

Pay attention to around the toilet, and the edges of showers & vanities.


THAT”S IT!! You did it. A top to bottom clean of your bathroom! High Five!!



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Want to know how to give your bathroom, a really good deep clean. Follow my 1 simple steps to a sparkling clean bathroom.

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