Does Dirty Air Ducts Make Your House Smell

Does Dirty Air Ducts Make Your House Smell


The uncelebrated yet truly great individual of our sensing faculty is our sense of smell. The smell is often considered to be people’s most unique sense. Fragrances, whether they are great and refreshing (or terrible stenches), reveal to us a ton about the world: what we ought to eat, even whom we should meet, collaborate and hang out with. When it is about our homes, if a site or a location smells refreshing, that is a great sign. On the off chance that the smell is unpleasant, we feel uncomfortable, and that is not a good feeling.

Dirty air ducts in your home can cause an unpleasant odor, and cause your home to have a bad smell present.

While the human smell isn’t viewed as exceptionally sharp, at any rate, contrasted with dogs, elephants, and most wild creatures, our sense of smell is made to recognize a large number of airborne scents, and the fact that we can detect them in shockingly little focuses is enough to blow all our minds.

Quite possibly, the main elements of the feeling of smell permit us to detect odors and toxins that are awful for our wellbeing. There’s an explanation to support this claim. For the sake of this argument, let’s look at the example of meat. Meat that is decayed or spoiled smells horrible to a human because we have developed senses to connect the smell with something unfortunate. The ones that found the smell disturbing lived and passed on their hatred; thus, we consistently acquired an aversion for bad, horrible things.

Furthermore, this feeling of smell keeps on serving us today in manners that may not appear glaringly evident. By causing us to sense awful smells in the home, the nose is ensuring our wellbeing. It is identifying atoms noticeable worldwide and sending a warning to the control center (brain) that something may not be right and harmful.


A decent smelling house invites your guests into it. It is a sign of good cleanliness, guarantees guests neatness and exertion to keep up. A house with a fresh smell fills the guests or the visitor with a positive vibe and ensures they enjoy their stay at your place. On the other side of the coin, a bad-smelling house dismisses individuals, and indeed, may even give them a feeling that there is a shortfall of cleanliness. On the off chance that sanitization doesn’t give off an impression of being a need, it makes individuals keep away from it, as they need to try not to possibly get harmful microbes and bacteria.


Air ducts are channels or entries utilized in warming, ventilation, and cooling to convey and eliminate air. The required wind currents comprise supply air, return air, and fumes air. Channels usually additionally bring ventilation air as a component of the supply air.

Air ducts are usually installed in homes to maintain adequate air ventilation so that the house seems fresh and prevents your place from giving off a very stifled and suppressed feeling. But these air ducts can prove themselves to be handy in making your house stinky if not cleaned and maintained after a regular interval.

Dirty Air Ducts Can Cause Diseases

Bad air quality may have more negative impacts on your family than you may suspect. Let’s investigate a portion of the insane damage that could be done to your wellbeing by the amount of dirt and filth that might be sitting in your vents as you read this and how many detriments it has on your health.

Respiratory Diseases

Respiratory diseases are the most common and the most prevalent among the masses. Sicknesses like asthma have been quite possibly the most (if not the most) well-known names regarding infections.

Asthma is a sort of hypersensitive response respiratory illness. These conditions can come up when our invulnerable framework is bothered by some kind of aggravation. These aggravations can be the residue and the dust from your grimy air system. These illnesses establish the framework of a fever. Side effects of fever are typically consistent wheezing, watery eyes, and a running nose.

Grimy air channels can promptly lead a person to build asthma assaults as time passes which can be dangerous and extreme. Laryngitis is another respiratory sickness that is brought about by awful air quality in the home.

Dietary Diseases

Dietary diseases are those brought about by nutritional problems or when we eat undesirable and unclean food. Since a filthy air conduit can undoubtedly bring dust into your home, it, without much of a stretch, influence the kind of food we eat.

The most common and essential kind of dietary illness is a gastrointestinal issue, mostly due to stomach-related problems. The nature of air inside our homes is especially to be considered answerable for the sort of food we eat since it drives you to vomit, abdominal pain, diarrhea, and other stomach torments.

The kind of food that we consume and the kind of air we smell might significantly impact our health. It would not be a tall claim to say that it dictates your health and wellbeing. Getting your air ducts timely cleaned can help you establish a right healthy environment around you and saves you from the risk and endangerment of various chronic diseases that might result in you becoming very sick.

Psychological Diseases

So you may, from the outset, believe that mental diseases and terrible air from your air duct don’t bode well, yet there is an incredible natural connection between the two of them. Emotional wellbeing messes are an enormous weight internationally. It is found out that one in every five individuals will have met the models for one in the previous year, and around a third of the whole populace is required to have a mental infection in the course of their life.

Psychological maladjustments can be amazingly crippling in the populace. There’s an arising group of proof that indeed recommends that these two might correlate with each other. The fundamental thought of air contamination causing psychological sickness has been around for some time now; however, in the previous ten years, individuals have zeroed in on the possibility that perhaps your consciousness of air contamination has been the reason for trouble and nervousness.

Many studies in toxicological writing propose rodents and mice that are presented to undeniable degrees of air contamination do things that resemble melancholy or nervousness, which is albeit somewhat hard to decipher. However, it is profoundly reminiscent of the hindrances of air contamination on human wellbeing. Many mental problems have a ton of aggravation and oxidative pressure related to them, either in the body or in the mind.

Something else that has been coasting around currently is air contamination driving a person to self-destruction. Studies recommend that self-destruction episodes are bound to occur where air contamination is high.

Ways To Clean Dirty Air Ducts

Luckily, you don’t need to live with these irritating and every so often hazardous scents. There is a systematic approach that you can take to make your home more agreeable and soothing for everybody. By eliminating smells, you’ll have a more secure, more wonderful family.

So without further ado, let’s jump right in and help you find effective ways of cleaning your houses’ air duct for a fresher and enjoying, and indicative of good hygiene.

Cleaning Tools to Have

Following are the cleaning types of equipment/tools you will be required to have to clean your dirty air ducts and rescue your environment from numerous diseases:

  • Power drill
  • Gloves
  • Dry Vacuum
  • Duct Brush
  • Power drill
  • Vent brush
  • Paper towel
  • Nut driver
  • New air filter



First, you will be required to remove the screw holding the cover of the Air duct and the air duct grill plates.


One of the first things you need to do immediately is turn off the thermostat and leave the fan running. Leave the old filter in place as well. We do that because we will stir up some dust, and we don’t want that dust in our new air filter or into the coils.


Seal the supply vents to keep the dust down while we are disturbing the vents.


Wipe and clean them out as much as possible, and you can also try to blow them out a little


Clean the return and supply vents with the help of your vent brush. Use water afterward to clean the ducts. Don’t try to use your hands as it can give you a severe deep cut.


Open the furnace vent cover to expose the coils and the mixed airside so that you can clean the inside of the furnace box.


Then we go ahead and try to clean the vacuum inside the furnace cavity as much as possible.


Remove the supply vent and then clean the ductwork with a drill machine and the flexible brush.


Remove the old dirty filter and put the new filter in, and replace the cover. Return the thermostat to normal and auto.

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