How To Clean Berber Carpet On Stairs

How To Clean Berber Carpet On Stairs


Berber carpets are traditionally made from wool or camel hair, which gives the carpet a structure that makes it difficult for dust to settle inside, so a regular vacuum is necessary to keep the carpet clean. When cleaning Berber carpets, one must avoid using vacuum cleaners with beater bars, brushes, or powerheads as they can quickly damage the fabric. If one loop untangles, the process can be quick and non-repairable. There are so many ways used in cleaning Berber carpets, and they are as follows:

Using A Vacuum Cleaner To Clean Berber On Stairs

To begin with, you can clean Berber carpet on stairs using a vacuum cleaner whereby it can be used by adhering to the following steps;

Step 1: Examine the vacuum cleaner’s filter.

Start by checking the vacuum dust filter and ensuring that the contents of the filter have been emptied to ensure that the machine is at its best performance.

Step 2: Obtaining Large Objects

You then have to move any large objects from the stairs and anything that could get stuck in the machine and cause it to malfunction. Things such as toys, strings, paper scraps, or other debris can cause real damage to the vacuum, so they need to be removed before you start cleaning the carpet.

Step3: Scrub with a stiff brush

You now use a stiff brush to remove hardened dirt and debris from the carpet stairs, thus removing any stubborn messes from the carpet that can be missed by regular vacuuming. The stiff bristle brush or a vacuum cleaner attachment for removing ground-in dirt works well, but if your staircase is not too dirty, you can skip this step.

You now start by scrubbing each step from the top of the stairs to the bottom to loosen the dirt. Then, you sweep the excess dirt down the stairs to vacuum it up in the next step.

Step4. Vacuum the steps.

Ensure that you start vacuuming from top to bottom, and so you must double-check that you have enough cord slack and move slowly, but if you happen to have a cordless vacuum, you can grab your machine and start vacuuming the stairs.

After reaching the bottom step, you can then decide if you want to then clean your Berber stairs further by doing a wet carpet clean on them.

Using A Carpet Cleaner To Clean Berber On Stairs

Step 1: Vacuum the stairs.

Before using any wet method to clean your Berber carpets, you must dry vacuum your stairs first.

Step 2: Start the carpet cleaner.

Next, you need to get the carpet cleaner ready and begin by following the manufactures instructions when adding the cleaning solution and water to the tank. Then, begin cleaning the stairs starting from the top while working the carpet cleaner across each step slowly and running the cleaner back and forth from left to right, going over every section a few times.

Step 3: Let each step dry.

After shampooing the stairs, you have to wait for at least 20 to 30 minutes for the carpet to dry before traffic can flow through the staircase again. The carpet will hold lots of excess water unless the carpet cleaner you are using has a drying feature. You won’t have to wait for long before the carpet dries up.

You can also use absorbent towels or fans to remove the moisture before mold and bacteria grow in your carpet, which is a process that normally takes between 24 hours and 48 hours. The ideal is a wet/dry vacuum because it takes less time.

Step 4: Vacuum the stairs one last time.

After removing all the water you can from the carpet, leave the stairs to dry the rest of the way overnight or at least 12 hours, then vacuum the stairs a final time while dry to ensure that the carpet is free from any debris from the cleaning process.

For filthy stairs, you can use steam cleaning to dislodge the dirt particles. Use hot water to force dirt and stains from the carpet, thus also helping to eliminate mold or mildew spores from your carpet.

Cleaning Berber Carpet On Stairs By Hand

If you do not have a machine available, you can clean your carpet by hand, which is a more effective way to identify the stains up close. Cleaning a Berber carpet by hand can be done by using the following methods;

  • Using carpet shampoo

Use a carpet brush or a scrub brush with tough bristles to remove soil, dust, and pollutants from your steps. Then you vacuum over each step to remove debris before scrubbing each step with the shampoo. Mix the carpet shampoo with a bucket of warm water. Dip your clean scrubbing brush into the mixture and start scrubbing your Berber carpet. Make sure to scrub the corners of the stairs. Next, you scrub the carpet using a towel and clean water, whereby you do it two times to ensure that the shampoo does not remain on the carpet. After that, you allow the carpet to dry up.

  • Cleaning Berber carpets by hand using vinegar

Add 1/4 cup of vinegar and warm water to a bucket. Scrub away stains and slime with a scrub brush, dip the cleaning brush in the bucket, and scrub each step with the mixture. Next, empty the bucket and refill it with clean water, then use a towel to scrub the carpet once more. After you complete a second pass over the carpet with water, allow the stairs to dry.

  • Cleaning Berber carpets using a baking soda solution

Begin by spreading a generous amount of baking soda around your carpeted stairs or directly over a stain. Then, use a spray bottle with hot water to mist the baking soda and allow the solution to sit for three hours to soak up lingering dirt and brighten the carpet.

You then have to allow the area to be completely dry before vacuuming up all the dirt and baking soda. Using baking soda is excellent for removing foul odors from your carpet.

  • Cleaning Berber carpets using laundry detergent

Begin by placing a ¼ cup of liquid laundry detergent in a bucket with a 4 litres of warm water. Dip a stiff cleaning brush into the mixture and scrub the steps from top to bottom while working the solution in a circular motion to remove tough stains and hidden dirt.

You will repeat the process until you reach the last step, then replace the solution in your bucket with cool water. Then, begin scrubbing the stairs from top to bottom once more, then plunge a towel into the bucket to remove the detergent from your carpet, and allow the area to dry.

  • Cleaning Berber carpets using vinegar, salt, and essential oils

Mix one-part white vinegar with two parts water, add the mixture to a spray bottle, then combine around five drops of your favorite essential oil, then add a teaspoon of table salt or two for every cup of vinegar water you make, whereby the salt creates friction that may help loosen the dirt.

Then, spray the solution onto the carpet and scrub the area with a clean cloth. Next, go over the stairs with water only and allow them to dry.

  • Cleaning Berber using baking soda and vinegar

Mix up a cup of vinegar with equal parts water, adding a tablespoon of baking soda last, then stir the mixture and pour it into a spray bottle. Spritz stubborn stains and allow the mixture to sit on your carpet for about an hour, then wipe the area with a damp, clean towel and leave the stairs to dry.

Steam Cleaning Berber Carpets On Stairs

These are the guidelines;

Step 1: Get the carpet ready.

Firstly, you need to prepare the carpet by vacuuming every stair starting from the top to bottom, thus removing dust particles from the carpet and ensuring no loose fibers are left on your carpet.

Step 2: Load the Steam Cleaner

Next, you need to get the steam cleaner ready for use, whereby you need to fill the reservoir with water and turn everything on. Then make sure that the steam cleaner is powered on and is generating steam as it should be.

Step 3: Let’s go!

Now begin by working on each step, beginning from the top side and going downwards. Repeat the process a second time to ensure thorough cleaning of the corners of the stairs.

Step 4: Clean up

After steaming the stairs, you need to clean the steam cleaner and get rid of the wastewater. Then you should refrain from using the staircase and wait for it to dry up, whereby Berber carpets have a much thicker pile and thus take more time to dry up than normal carpets.

If any stains happen to remain on the carpet after steam cleaning, then it will require a repeat treatment, or you can use different attachments to concentrate on the stubborn stains.

In conclusion, knowing how to maintain Berber carpeted stairs helps keep your home fresh and clean. A vacuum and carpet cleaner can make the process go smoothly, but you don’t need to use machines to clean carpet on stairs. The right method to be used when cleaning the staircase depends on how dirty the staircase gets, your flooring, and the materials that are available to you at the moment.

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