How To Deep Clean Your Shower

How To Deep Clean Your Oven


Cleaning your oven is one of those jobs that not everybody enjoys doing. The longer you put it off, the harder the job is to do. So frequently cleaning your oven is the best way to make this a quick and easy job to complete.

OzKleen Oven Power

Whilst there are numerous oven cleaning products out there available to use, I definitely have a favourite that I prefer to use.

Oven Power by OzKleen, is my go-to oven cleaning product. If you could see my cleaning shelf, I currently have 12 boxes of it 🙂 That’s a year’s supply!!

It’s super easy to use. It comes with a bottle of the cleaning liquid, a massive zip lock bag to place all the oven racks into, and a pair of gloves.

Step One: Put On Gloves

Step Two: Remove all the oven racks and place into the zip lock bag, ensuring they are cool first.

Step Three: Make sure cap is on tight and shake up the bottle of cleaner.

Step Four: Add half to three quarters of the cleaning liquid into the zip lock bag and reseal.

Step Five: Gently move the back around so the liquid covers all of the racks. Place the bag on a flat protected surface in case it leaks. Use an old towel or place over the laundry sink.

Step Six: Let It Soak Overnight for best results.


Step Seven: Pour the remaining cleaning liquid into the oven and spread all over the bottom and sides of the oven.

Step Eight: Let it soak for 4 hours.

Step Nine: With gloves on, wipe up all the cleaning liquid from inside the oven. Using a microfibre cloth, keep wiping out with warm water until all the product has been removed from your oven.


You can wipe a little bit of this product on the glass door of your oven, but DO NOT leave it on. It only needs 30-60 seconds, and then wipe it off.


After soaking in the bag overnight, take them out and rinse them off. You may need to use a scourer to wipe over any heavily build up bits.

Make sure you rinse all product off, and then put the racks back into your oven, and dispose of the zip lock bag.

THAT’S IT. How easy was that. Doing this once a month will ensure your oven is always clean, and also an easy task to complete.

For those of you inside the Cleaners Clubhouse, there is a printable worksheet on How To Clean Your Oven.

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