Why Having A Clean Home Is Important

9 Benefits Of Having A Clean Home


Having a neat & tidy home is different from having a clean home. Both go hand in hand, but having a clean home has more benefits than you may realize.

Here are 9 Reasons Why Having A Clean Home Is Important

  • Reduces Stress & Anxiety
  • Set’s A Good Example
  • Improves The Indoor Air Quality
  • Have A Better Night’s Sleep
  • Reduces Allergies
  • You Are More Organized
  • Reduces Household Members From Becoming Sick
  • Your Home Is Maintained
  • Your Home Is Always Guest-Ready

Reduces Stress & Anxiety

Whilst cleaning can be seen to be an overwhelming chore to undertake, the fact is, that having a neat & tidy, and clean home actually reduces stress & anxiety.

By having less clutter and a place for everything in your home, makes it easier to keep your home clean, and to find things when you need them.

Having clutter in the home can cause stress.

Set’s A Good Example

If you have children in your home, or children who visit your home, it shows them how to be responsible, and to take care of your home.

By having discipline and chores, your children will grow up with the knowledge and attitude of keeping their home clean.

Improves The Indoor Air Quality

Bad indoor air quality is not good for anyone, but if you have household members who suffer from allergies or asthma, then you need to ensure that you are doing everything you can to improve the air quality inside your home.

By keeping your home clean, this is a major step into improving the air quality inside your home.

By dusting and vacuuming at least once a week, you will eliminate the risk of having your loved ones health at risk.

Have A Better Night’s Sleep

Jumping into bed into fresh crisp sheets, knowing that your home is clean, and in order keeps your mind at ease and let’s you have a good night’s sleep.

Waking up in the morning to a shining sink with no dirty dishes is an amazing felling.

If you don’t believe me, I urge you to try it for just 3 nights in a row.

Each night before bed, make sure all the dishes have been done, either by hand or in the dishwasher.

Reduces Allergies

Reducing the chance of triggering household members & guests allergies, can be easily done by sticking to a simple cleaning routine.

A daily wipe down with a microfibre cloth across all horizontal surfaces, such as coffee tables, TV units, side tables and book shelves will do wonders in reducing the risk of anyone’s allergies being triggered.

You Are More Organized

Having a neat & tidy home means having a place for everything.

So when the time comes to find your car keys, or the kids borrowed library book, you will know exactly where to find them.

Having a place for everything, and everything in it’s place is an amazing habit to get into.

You should also try this:

Every time you bring a new item into the home, you throw out an old item.


Reduces Household Members From Becoming Sick

This one ties into reducing allergies & stress. By cleaning your home reduces the spread of any germs or bacteria that may be introduced into your home.

Whilst you may have a cleaning schedule, and everything gets wiped down, you should be cleaning with a disinfectant, at least once per week.

Remember to always read the labels on your disinfectant bottles. Some products are required to be on the surface for a certain amount of time before they cane be wiped up to actually become effective in disinfecting your home.

Your Home Is Maintained

By keeping your home clean, not only is it healthy for yourself, but for the structure of your home.

By keeping up with the cleaning, your home will always be at it’s best, and well looked after.

A home that is regularly cleaned not only looks fantastic, but it will resist becoming damaged and needing costly repairs compared to a home that is very rarely cleaned and cared for.

Your Home Is Always Guest-Ready

What do I mean by having a guest-ready home?

You know when you have that surprise knock on the door when you are not expecting anyone?

Well, that’s your guest’s. They are just passing through town and thought they would stop in for a quick cuppa and a catch-up before heading back home.

You open the door with a huge smile on your face knowing that no only can they come in and sit in your beautiful clean living area and have a cuppa with you, but they can also go to the bathroom and admire how clean and in place everything is in there!


Do you follow a cleaning routine? Do you prefer to do a little each day, or spend the weekend cleaning?

I personally prefer to do a little each day. I do the following:

Mondays – Kitchen

Tuesdays – Bathrooms

Wednesdays – Bedrooms

Thursdays – Living Areas

Fridays – Floors

Saturday- I Catch Up On Laundry

Sunday – RELAX

You can get access to my cleaning routine below.

If I’ve loaded the dishwasher the night before, while I wait for the kettle to boil for my morning coffee, I unpack the dishwasher!

So there you go. My 9 top reasons why having a clean home is important.

As a bonus tip, while sticking to a cleaning routine and having a clean home can reduce stress and sickness in your home, believe it or not, but you will actually save so much time.

So put your feet up and enjoy some time to yourself while you admire your amazing clean home.

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